About Us

Probe is widely recognized as the industry leader in cased hole well logging and reservoir monitoring technology.

We design, manufacture, market and support a wide range of tools and systems for well integrity monitoring, cased-hole formation evaluation, production logging, well intervention, geothermal and ultra-high temperature well logging, memory and surface read-out gauges, permanent gauges and surface wireless instrumentation.


Oilfield service companies, IOCs, NOCs and geothermal companies around the world trust and rely upon Probe to deliver equipment that leads to optimization of their assets.


Whatever our customers' needs, we draw upon our deep-rooted engineering heritage and continuously strive to provide outstanding quality and value.

Message from the CEO


Probe is committed to the success of our customers, the wellbeing of our employees and the value that we create for our stakeholders. Ultimately, this dedication has a positive impact on the communities where we live and work.

We strive to offer exceptional quality and value for our customer’s technology requirements and work to achieve this through an ever expanding portfolio of industry-leading solutions. We manufacture tools and systems that are fit for purpose: accurate, reliable and robust.

Our engineering team and customer support staff have years of industry experience, so we understand the demanding environment in which our customers operate.  To make certain that our customers are fully supported, we have a Geo Center network that allows us to stand ready to assist them around-the-clock, whether it’s for training, technical support or replenishing spares. As a result, we ensure that the Probe tools and systems in which they have invested remain highly operational, maximizing their revenue-generating capability.    

Probe is an established company that continues to be in a strong financial position. This has enabled us to maintain our long-term focus, whether it is continually investing in engineering, recruiting top talent or developing new markets. Today, we are more determined than ever to continue to succeed and grow sustainably.

We hope that you will consider us as your supplier, employer, and long-term partner for your success.
On behalf of our Team, I thank you for your interest in Probe!

Federico Casavantes

Our History

Driven By Success

In 1994, Probe was established in Fort Worth, Texas by a group of ex-Gearhart engineers as a technology company specializing in the design of downhole logging tools initially targeted at the North American market. As our patented Radii™ gained market acclaim, it positioned Probe as the industry's leading independent supplier and expert in cement bond and acoustic logging technology.

Engineering excellence, innovation and customer focus run deep throughout Probe. In our efforts to remain aligned with our customers’ needs, we typically reinvest most of our profits in developing new products and sustaining engineering. Our purpose is to offer an ever-expanding range of inteligent solutions. We achieve this by developing new products, and by continuously improving existing products, with the most reliable technology.

In 2008, Probe sought external growth capital investment to further support our commitment to expand our core cased hole logging business into complementary product lines and to enable international market entry. 

With fresh capital investment, Probe expanded rapidly. In 2009, California-based Kuster was first to join the Probe Group, followed just one year later in 2010 by Sensor Developments in Norway and Sentergy in the UK. AKS Technologies, a Denver, Colorado company that specialized in surface wireless solutions, joined the ranks in 2011. Soon thereafter, SP-1 in Aberdeen, Scotland came on board in 2012 and later followed by Isle Oil Tools in 2014. In December of 2017, Probe announced the newest addition to the business through the strategic merger with Hunter Well Science in Canada.

Over Probe's history of organic and inorganic growth, the Company has steadily developed in-region support capabilities to better assist our international customer base. We established Geo Centers for Latin America (Villahermosa, Mexico in 2009), Europe and West Africa (Aberdeen, Scotland in 2010), and Middle East, North Africa and Asia (Dubai, UAE in 2012).  
Since 2008, Probe has continued to expand its Fort Worth and Aberdeen Technical Center footprint, launched an Engineering Support Center in Houston (2015), and invested in two new test wells in the Fort Worth Technical Center.  Engineering spend more than doubled over this period, and remains comparatively constant, even during industry downturns. The latest addition of Hunter continues to expand Probe's in-region support and Engineering capabilities with its Canadian facilities (Calgary, Alberta in 2017).

Our company has achieved outstanding organic and in-organic growth, consolidating a wealth of engineering expertise which has transformed Probe into the company that it is today: the industry’s leading cased hole technology experts.


Our Vision

  • To achieve global recognition as the industry leaders in cased hole and reservoir monitoring solutions

  • To offer outstanding customer value by consistently supplying reliable technology and intelligent solutions

  • To offer rewarding and challenging career opportunities to our existing and aspiring employees

  • To be our customers' partner of choice


Our Values

Focus – we are committed to pursuing what is important to our customers, shareholders, partners and employees

Innovation – we strive to consistently identify reliable technology and design, manufacture and deliver intelligent –fit for purpose- solutions in a timely and cost effective manner

Couragewe are compelled to make a difference, so, we step up and take ownership and responsibility for the roles we play at Probe

Diversity – we are passionate about defending, appreciating and respecting our individual differences and strengths in order to better serve our customers, our Company, our colleagues and our communities

Integrity – we approach every task and every challenge with the clarity and determination to always do what is right, without compromise, no matter how difficult

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