New Kuster™ Quantum Gauge Series

October 25, 2012

 HOUSTON, TX, October 25th, 2012 – Probe introduces the new Kuster™ Quantum series, featuring a cutting-edge system of memory gauges that offer significantly enhanced capabilities. This new line of tools can run in Oil & Gas wells using slickline, e-line, or coiled tubing conveyance methods. The primary enhancement of the Quantum gauges is its capacity to record and store four times the memory, while consuming four times less power. Compared to the industry-recognized reliability of Kuster™ K10 gauges, the new Quantum tools are four times more effective at maximizing energy efficiency. Within the industry, the ability of the Quantum Quartz gauges to record 8,000,000 data sets is exceptional – no other commercial tool on the market has this capability. “The Quantum tools, even with the increased memory capacity, operate with four times less power consumption, which allows our clients to acquire high resolution pressure and temperature data in their Oil & Gas wells, without having to compromise the duration of measurement and recording” says John Jacobson, General Manager, Kuster™ Product in Long beach California. This new product series features the Quantum K150 and K177 Quartz gauges equipped with highly accurate Quartzdyne quartz transducers. Also available, is the Quantum K150 Strain gauge, equipped with a piezo-resistive transducer, which provides a fast response external RTD temperature sensor and redundant memory, with approximately four times the capacity of K10 Strain gauges. For more information, please contact John Jacobson at Probe’s Long Beach Technical Center, TEL: (562) 595-0661, FAX: (562) 426-7897, Email:

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