Probe Supporting Community Talent

July 30, 2018


Probe’s backbone has always been our commitment to quality and excellence. This doesn’t apply only to our approach toward designing our next market-leading cased-hole logging or reservoir monitoring technology. This same commitment applies to our focus and dedication toward connecting with our customers by providing impeccable support, outstanding service, and ultimately delivering value. That’s why we take special care in supporting and developing talent within our organization.

There are many talented individuals outside the Probe family as well, and we feel privileged to occasionally be able to partner with them as they achieve amazing things. One such example is Tristan Rennie of Aberdeen, UK. Although he’s only 13, Tristan has set some ambitious goals. He works hard to excel in school, and is also working hard to excel in competitive racing. Tristan is receiving more and more recognition in the competitive karting circles, yet remains humble and centered, and has become a role model for young people within his community, and increasingly across the UK.

Tristan is in his 4th season of racing and has gathered an impressive collection of accolades including more than 75 trophies.  This year, Tristan won the Scottish Open kart racing championship and then went on to become the first Scot ever to win the English Championship and run the E plate. This is our first season sponsoring Tristan, so we certainly can’t take credit for his racing success. It’s his initiative, passion, and drive (pardon the pun) to challenge himself to achieve great things that has led to these accomplishments.

The English championship is put on by the Association of British kart Clubs (ABkC) in coordination with the Motor Sports Association, which is the sole national governing body for 4-wheeled motor sport in the UK.

Congratulations, Tristan, and keep up the great work!

For more information on Tristan’s racing accomplishments, visit


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