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Probe offer's an industry leading range of cased-hole formation evaluation tools that include its 3 detector Pulsed Neutron Reservoir Analysis Sonde, developed by HWS, as well as Spectral Gamma Ray, Compensated Neutron and Gamma Ray. Understanding the movement of fluid contacts, changes in saturation saturation, depletion, and injection profiles can help re-evaluate mature zones that may have been logged decades ago and provide baseline data for newly completed wellbores.

Probe RADii™ is widely acknowledged as the industry standard for Segmented Cement Bond Log tools. Radii™, iQ™ Magnetic Thickness and MAC™ combine advanced concepts in electro-magnetic thickness measurements with an innovative multi-finger caliper design to conform an integral well integrity and corrosion measurement solution.

Probe’s Production Logging solutions are now enhanced by HWS products that include both a  standard PLT and an Array PLT offering packaged in a highly reliable and robust system that operates at up to 175 ºC (350 ºF) in surface read-out mode for electric line, or in Memory Module, for slick-line or coiled tubing. The SRO module is directly compatible with SDS Warrior 8.

Probe is at the vanguard of the well intervention technology development space. The iSet™ Electro-hydraulic Setting Tool and the Intellex™ product line range, which includes Fast-sampling Correlation Tools, Ultra-fast Pressure Gauges and the Intellex Low Power Electronic Firing Head are clear examples of the Company's innovation leadership.

Quantum™, KPerm™, KMech™, and Intellex™ pressure and temperature gauges for slick-line, electric line and coiled tubing deployment are synonymous with outstanding performance. Our wide range of downhole mechanical, piezo-electric and quartz sensor options offer memory or surface read-out configurations. Kuster has been a trusted source for downhole instrumentation since 1928, and proudly incorporated with Probe since 2009.

iPro™ Base Radio Loggers and Transmitters eliminate surface cables and enable efficient data capture during well testing, hydraulic fracturing, cementing, field monitoring and plant monitoring. iPro™ Transmitter options include pressure, temperature, differential pressure, flowmeter and tank level sensors. The iPro™ 3000, iPro™ Scada4x or DT3D can gather data from multiple remote sensors and transmit it wirelessly to a single monitoring station.

Protherma™, Quantum™, KMech™ and Intellex™ logging tools and systems offer a range of solutions for Geothermal applications. Designed to withstand the extreme environments of UHT wells, our tools operate above 175 ºC (350 ºF) and up to 370 ºC (700 ºF). From specialized mechanical gauges to modern dewar flasked piezo-electric and quartz gauges, Kuster tools are the geothermal industry standard. 

Surface Panels, Kuster SRO Systems, SDS Warrior and ALT Opal are some of the high-quality surface systems solutions offered by Probe. Unique solutions for a range of applications, from Surface Acquisition systems to the globally acclaimed Probe Shooting Panels and Surface Shot Detection systems. Probe also offers full installation and testing services.

In many situations, memory logging is a viable alternative to real-time logging, providing quality data through simplified well control and operational logistics. Probe UniTool™ and Intellex™ platforms offer a cost effective and highly efficient means to acquire accurate measurements by combining various Probe tools and systems during well intervention via slick-line or coiled tubing.

From knuckle joints and centralizers, to logging heads, cross-overs and sinker bars, Probe offers a wide selection of proven and reliable ancillary equipment and adapters for our entire range of products. These are designed to suit 1-11/16”, 2-3/4” and 3-1/2” OD tool-strings.

Kuster range of K-Perm™ Piezo and Quartz permanent gauges are renowned for their reliability and robustness.  When combined with iPro™ Surface Wireless Instrumentation, data acquired downhole is transmitted from remote facilities to centralized data gathering SCADA systems. 

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